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StingRay KT36 -

From the transitions to the hills, city slashing or painting thane.  This compact board can do it all.



  • (New for 2015) Front loaded rocker to cradle your front foot
  • Front wheel flairs keep your front foot in place and add wheel clearance
  • Pressed in gas pedals make an extra pocket for your back foot
  • Cereal bowl concave transition in the back
  • Full sized kick with plenty of pop for getting technical
  • 4 Wheel-Base Options
  • CNC Machined Wheel Wells for extra wheel clearance

StingRay KT36 Overview Video


Length: 36"
Width: 9.75" in front
9.625" in back
Wheel Bases: 19"-23"
Concave: 9/16" Progressive Concave w/ mild W in back
Tail: 6"
Mounting: Top-Mount
Construction: Choice of 7 or 8-Ply Maple


StingRay KT36 $125.00


need help deciding?

Nose Guards(pic)

Tail Pucks (pic)

Out of Stock


FoeJo Pacu 65mm 80a
(Change Wheel Selection)


Atlas Green 180mm 48º
(Change Truck Selection)

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