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BatRay -

Warped 3º 7-Ply

New and Improved for 2015,  Probably the most versatile board in our lineup. The BatRay combines a list of innovative features into one seamless package for all types of riding.



  • (New for 2015) Hybrid flush mounts, combine pressed and machined flush mounts to
    • keep your trucks riding at their true angle
    • create unique pockets on top of the board
    • and make room for an extra inner wheelbase.
  • (New for 2015) Steeper kicktail curve for more leverage
  • (New for 2015) Relief bends along the rail to reduce stress from the rocker bend and support your foot on the rail during toeside drifts 
  • The concave continues into the kicktail to keep your feet from slipping in no matter where you stand
  • 1/2" triplane rocker for a slightly lowered ride 
  • Wheel flairs combined with CNC machined wheel wells provide excellent wheel clearance
  • 3 Wheel-Base options so you can dial in your ride
  • Up to 6" kicktails depending on which wheelbase you use
  • Symmetrical standing platform

BatRay: Warped 3º 7-Ply Overview Video


Tail Specs: Up to 6" long depending on wheelbase used
Concave at the base of the tail, flattens out by the end
Length: 39.5"
Width: 9.75"
Wheel Bases: 23.5", 24.75", 26"
Concave: 9/16" Progressive Concave w/ mild W
Rocker: 9/16" Tri-Plane Rocker
Mounting: Top-Mount w/ Hybrid Flush-Mount
Construction: 7 or 8 Ply Maple


BatRay: Warped 3º 7-Ply $63.00 $140.00


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Tail Pucks (pic)

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FoeJo Skids 72mm 83a
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Atlas Green 180mm 48º
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