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Siphon 35 -

Warped 3º, Hairline Cracks

The double kick perfected.  The Siphon has cereal bowl pockets surrounding your feet with 270º of concave where most boards go flat. 



  • Cereal bowl transition means concave where you need it most.
  • Full sized kicks with plenty of POP
  • 1/2" progressive concave, enough depth for speed, but still comfortable for freestyle.
  • The hint of W is comfortable and helps to avoid monkey toe.
  • 2 Wheel base options
  • Drum Sanded Wheel Wells fit conventional or reverse kingpin trucks

Siphon 35: Warped 3º, Hairline Cracks Overview Video


Length: 35.25"
Width: 9.5"
Wheel Base: 16-17"
Concave: 1/2" Progressive with a hint of W
Continues through the tail transition.
Tail Length: 7.5"
Mounting: Top-Mount
Construction: 7-ply Maple


Siphon 35: Warped 3º, Hairline Cracks $30.00 $95.00

Tail Pucks (pic)

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FoeJo Pacu 65mm 80a
(Change Wheel Selection)


Atlas Green 180mm 48º
(Change Truck Selection)

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