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Tempest -

Grey BatRay Graphic 8-Ply

One of our most popular boards for both new and experienced riders.  The Tempest has everything you could want in a dropped board.


  • Cereal bowl concave transition keeps your feet surrounded by 270º of concave in the pockets
  • 1/2" drop adds stability and makes sliding and pushing easier
  • Two wheelbase options let you fine tune your setup
  • Full cutouts provide monstrous wheel clearance so you don't have to worry about wheel bite.
  • Mild W concave adds support
  • 4.6" kicks for tricks

Tempest: Grey BatRay Graphic 8-Ply Overview Video


Length: 42"
Width: 9.8"
Wheel Base: 26.5-28"
Concave: 9/16" Progressive w/ mild W
Drop: 1/2" Drop-cave
Standing Platform: 24.5"
Tail Lenth: 4.6"
Mounting: Topmount
Construction: Option of 8 or 9-ply Maple


Tempest: Grey BatRay Graphic 8-Ply $110.00 $135.00


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Nose Guards(pic)

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